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United Airlines pilot arrested for 'massive' brothel operation

A United Airlines pilot has been arrested after police said his illicit business couldn’t fly under the radar. Bruce Wayne Wallis, 51, is charged with running around six brothel apartments in Houston with 6 to 10 women in each one, the Houston Chronicle reported Thursday. ( 기타...

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canuck44 7
From this article it sounds like he was their real estate manager/landlord not their pimp and they were all independent contractors. It will be interesting to see with what he is actually charged. If he was working for a flat rate from each of them and not involved in marketing or appointments, it is unlikely they will make prostitution related felonies stick and it gets knocked down to a misdemeanor of some sort.
Legalize it and tax it.
We did in NZ and it reduced the number of them and now everything restricted under bylaws and acts and illegal to solicit on the street. It the oldest profession so you can either have it underground an seedy or organised and safe sex practices.
Ewen A 1
No abuse should be legalized and prostitution is always abuse. No one prostitutes themselves voluntarily, unless forced by circumstances, drugs or by mental health issues, and these days,certainly in Europe, by slavery and violence.
Prostitution is a fact of life, but let's not pretend that it's normal or OK.
You haven't met my boss. I agree with Pierre: This is not airline news.
Ewen A 1
No I haven't met your boss LOL (knowingly) and yes I agree with Pierre also
This is airline news because it involves a high profile airline and pilot
I agree its not a good thing or to be encouraged but turning a blind eye will never stop it happening.
Batman is a commercial pilot? :)
New meaning to the mile high club, well someone had to say it. I will get my coat...
Just shows pilots are not paid enough :D
canuck44 1
It is interesting the ID of the ladies is not given, but logic would indicate that a 51 year old chap holding a full time job is most likely to recruit from within his own environment at least for some initial contacts to get the "project" rolling. I would bet there will be some other airline employees involved. It not an uncommon pattern for those with relatively low pay who are frequently traveling to mob up and live together in better digs than one or two would be able to afford. If such is the case he will just plead he was doing a favor renting the high end residence as none had the credit to do it themselves. That excuse may be a crock, but hard to disprove.
I think your position on other airline employees involvement is not very hard to swallow...
Airlines news ??


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