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First U.S.-built American Airlines A321 Exits Paint Shop

Airbus has rolled out the first US-built American Airlines A321 of the paint shop at the Mobile, Alabama facility. The aircraft is the second A321 to be produced in the Mobile facility, but the first for American Airlines. According to Airbus, there are eight aircraft in production for American Airlines at the facility. MAAS Aviation performed the paint job. ( 기타...

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Who posed the photo so that light pole looks like a huge radio antenna??? :-)
Congratulations to the Mobile Alabama crowd and thank you to Airbus for realizing the value of Alabama.
Just as Mercedes found out Alabama is a wonderful place with many opportunities that only her fine people can offer world class companies.
I take it in addition to Airbus, they have several contractors working in the complex?
I am sure that they do or must considering the complex nature of the aircraft but I think that this is an assembly operation at this time. In any event we need the likes of an Airbus in this region to stimulate employment. The trickle down effect will be present for years to come.
That's quite a plum to have in the neighborhood. And I agree, there is a lot of "trickle down" economic benefits to the region.
The area Airbus is located in one of the poorest in the State. Mobile which is the most natural port in the contiguous USA is under-utilised despite State of Alabama efforts and the 20 billion Tenn-Tombigbee Canal to the Mississippi. Its a great area for investment, near the most beautiful beaches on the Red Neck Rivera which we call LA [lower Alabama] and the finest college football in America plus great people.
Food is not bad either
Jethro, Ellie May: Pack up the truck! We are moving to Alabama!


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