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Germany passes law on tougher pilot screening after Germanwings crash

A year after the Germanwings plane crash, Germany's lower house of parliament has passed a package of measures to tighten up reporting of pilot medical assessments and requiring tougher alcohol and drugs checks on pilots. ( 기타...

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Jack370 4
IMHO the real issue here is to prevent this from happening again.

The fundamental problem is that one pilot (or person) has the ability to lock out the other pilot (or anyone else) from the cockpit.

That is the fundamental flaw with that method of security. What is the risk that a pilot will go rogue versus a high jacker forcing a pilot to open the door from the outside?

There has to be a better way for both pilots to have immediate cockpit access from both sides of the door without increasing the risk of a hijacker using that as way to breach the cockpit.
The same lock out had happened on LAM 470 in northern Namibia. Final report is just in.
30west 2

The reason that the pilots have the ability to lock the cockpit door from the inside is to prevent another crew member from opening the door using the keypad while under duress. The pilots need a means to absolutely prevent the cockpit door from being opened from outside the cockpit. BTW, I have never experienced the keypad used to gain access during flight.

The U.S. airlines from day one of the reinforced doors use required another crew member to be in the cockpit when one pilot left to use the lav, we always had to have two people in the cockpit. That crew member was most often the FA. That requirement was put in place with the thought of a solo pilot incapacitation, not suicide, but it works for that too. It was put in place in Germany after this incident.
The same requirement of having another crew member present was in effect at LAM, but it was not applied by the flight crew.
30west 1

IMO, once you get away from the North American, Northern European and some Pacific Rim airlines, compliance with rules and maintenance procedures are significantly lower and the level of safety is drastically reduced. I will not fly on any airline not from the above areas of the world.

Your antidotal evidence supports my concerns.
I agree to some extend, but I've no hesitation to use South African Airways or Air Namibia. I'm certain there are other exceptions, but as a general rule you are right.
30west 2
Some Middle Eastern carriers, as well.
Kinda think what's "good for the goose is good for the gander", as the actions of the pols. have a far greater impact on the average citizen than the actions of the folks on the other side of the cockpit door. In todays pol. world laws and legislation seem to apply to everyone but them and there are a lot more "nuts" runnin around with diplomatic immunity than flying airplanes. Just sayin.
1 pol = 2 trolls right?
btweston 0
Having been a pilot for 40 years I think that's a right decision especially today that the flight deck crew for all the civil aircraft is reduced to 2 pilots. Anyhow I can assert that in the last company I flew as captain (1990-1997) I was checked each 6 months also for use of drugs including sometimes hair examination. As far as I know the aircompanies are looking forward. Today is possible to pilot an aircraft staying on ground. The problem are the passengers. Nobody like to board an aircraft without pilots. So it seems the solution is to board only one pilot, while a second pilot will check the flight from the ground.
The problem is the choice of the type of people ,not the aircraft operations.The liberals will not let us profile anyone out as "it may offend" someone.


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