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Airbus and Delta Airlines to Enter in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal, Sources Say

European planemaker Airbus and Delta Airlines may be about to close a multi-billion dollar deal, Reuters reports. According to sources close to the matter, the airline is negotiating to buy 37 new current-generation A321 passenger jets — a deal that could be worth $4.3 billion at list prices. ( 기타...

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Aside from the fact that there are now Airbus factories in the US employing Americans, it's a shame that these massive American companies can't spend their billions at home. Surely the heads of American, Delta, United etc could get together with the heads of Boeing and say "this is what we want, build it".
I think they know that Airbus has built a product that exceeds and outweighs that of the 737. The A320 And A321 are far superior to the antiquated and outdated 737 that Boeing still insists on building.
And the europans should stop buying Boeing !
Competition. If, other builders would cater to the Airlines, if they offered the product at a price point that the Airlines wanted, there would be no need for competitors. But the reality is, not all builders offer what customers need.

It's just like the local grocery store, if they don't offer me what I want, I go elsewhere.
I voted this down because it was already posted several days ago.
I still prefer the pilot's judgment over the computer's...


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