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Delta Firms Order for 75 Bombardier CS100 With 50 More Options

Today Delta and Bombardier announced an order for 75 CS100 aircraft with 50 options. They can also use some of their options for CS300 aircraft. The firm order is valued at $5.6 billion, and makes Delta the largest C Series customer. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in Spring 2018. ( 기타...

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Was hoping it would be a 2-2 configuration with no middle seats… But all the perspective seat maps show a 2-3 with three seats on the starboard side of the cabin. From the passenger's prospective, that is still far better than any 3-3.
I agree. I was hoping for a 2-2 but in all honesty, I'm a big fan of the 2-3 configuration on the MD and 717 jets. When I fly Delta it's usually on vacation with my fiance and since I'm 6'3, I like the aisle, she hates the middle so this makes it nice to not have to worry about someone else in our row. I'm going to be interested to see how the regional carriers will figure into the mix. The CRJs and ERJs flown into BGR from LGA and DTW are in desperate need of updating, though Delta did fly seasonal service BGR-DTW with a 717 last summer. Congrats to Delta and Bombardier!
pilotjag 12
Congrats to DL and Bombardier! Such a great deal for the aircraft manufacturer after years and years of struggling to get more orders. The wait finally paid off!
All the 200's are being phased out, but still flying to many small communities half loaded.
I'm not sure what will happen outside of losing service. I'd rather fly the ERJ-175 than most main line aircraft. Quite, more comfortable, quick to load - unload, and can recover from delays more easily. The big 3 unions have lost their collective minds not flying these with their own pilots.
US AIR did when they received their first 175's not sure if it's still that way under AA
Muchits -1
A rather small number of CRJ-200s will be staying to serve the smallest communities at Delta.
jcazalot 2
I'm thinking this is somewhat of a 717 replacement/addition order. Delta loves them 100-110 seaters.
jkirk420 1
50 seat RJ go buh-bye!
Will they be dropping all the markets that have less than 110 passengers per flight which the current RJ's handle?
I live in a market where 1 MD/717 replaced 2 CRJ-200 flights. The existing 2130 arrival got the bigger plane and the 1900 arrival got dropped. IMHO the far better comfort and available 1st class makes up for decrease in frequency.
In the end people will figure out how to make one larger flight work if they don't want to drive farther. Miss the EMB-120 Brasilia's they were the best !!
jkirk420 1
Well, my comment is pure speculation, based on the general perception that DL is not a fan of the 50-seaters. That said, yes, I could see them shifting 76 seaters to the 50 seat markets and reducing frequency, and deploying C-Series to the 76 seat markets, also modifying frequency. That's what I would do.
What about the MD88/90's? I thought that is what the C-Series order was about.
Newer 700's possibly but the 200's are already flying 1/2 full to many regional airports by
Delta, United, AA
Endeavor (and to a lesser extent, Skywest) will likely drop some (or all) CRJ-200s, move the 900s to cover the old 200 routes, and begin phasing in the C series to cover Delta Connection flights. I don't see Delta using the C series on main line routes, although with Delta--who knows? Their management is one step above AMTRAK mentality.
You're being too kind
This is GREAT news. Congrats DL!
I think the c series is a perfect match for delta,
Don't kid yourself the delta management is very savy to trends and likely got a steal of a deal on these birds. Jet blue and or British airways next??
ko25701 0
Yet another reason I dislike flying Deltas regional services. Cramped- Really -Jammed is what CRJ stands for! I have more room and comfort in my old Cessna!
linbb -7
And you missed it by 14 hours being the first to post
The squawk you are referring to was posted before the order was officially announced, also before we knew how many aircraft were being ordered.


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