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Delta Confirms Order for 37 Additional Airbus A321s

Delta Air Lines officially confirmed an additional order for 37 A321ceos during its media day event in Atlanta. ( 기타...

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Evidently the former CEO and the current CEO of Delta have an issue with Boeing. This opinion is based on their recent multiple orders for Airbus aircraft and Bombardier aircraft. The former CEO stated last year that he could buy used wide body aircraft coming off lease for 50 cents on the dollar instead of buying new ones. Did Delta? No! It has been reported that Delta is currently discussing how many Airbus 350's versus Airbus 330's to buy. What a joke!
What does Boeing have that really competes with the CS100 and the A321? They used to when they had the 717 and 757. If Boeing doesn't have what they need, how is that having "an issue with Boeing"? Where's the joke?
Apparently, a lot of US airlines--except SWA, have problems with Boeing. Boeing just eliminated 8,000 jobs--while Airbus and Bombardier are growing. I was really hoping for a 797, too. dammit...
I don't get the joke.

Are you suggesting that competition should not exist? There must be a valid reason why Bombardier and Airbus got the orders (not supposition or hearsay). Could it be that both builders offered Delta what they wanted? That's how the market works these days, offer someone what they want at a price they want to pay.
Delta has purchased a few of the Malaysia Airlines retiring 777s. A search of Plane Spotters would reveal that, they are just getting less publicity out of it.
mdulitz (Paywall)
While I am glad to see the MD's being retired, it is a shame Americans are not building replacements in Long Beach.

I really don't believe competition is the reason for the decision to use A321's. Vacation passengers to Florida have lower expectations and will accept the A321 shortcomings. They fly lower, slower, and use more resources than the B73's, but with huge discounts and financing balanced on the backs of Europeans, you can't blame Delta for taking the deal. I wonder how Pres. Trump will bring the jobs back to Long Beach? Perhaps a fuel tax credit for anyone with a Boeing who calls a fuel truck.
btweston 5
President Trump has a plan. It's the greatest plan anyone has ever come up with. There won't be any other planes once he takes office. Just the good ones.

Are you kidding? I am.
honza nl 1
even Boeing admits they have no offers in the A321-class, maybe tghat's why airlines buy them? and of course Boeing doesn't get any tax-subsidies from the states where now 737's are made?
honza nl 2
The 180-seat 737 Max 9 is being outsold by a five-to-one margin to the Airbus A321neo. The 126-seat 737 Max 7 has attracted only 60 total orders by three customers and faces a re-energised challenge from the 135-seat Bombardier CS300, which is scheduled to enter service in the third quarter.
The 737 Max 9 has been under severe pressure since it became clear that the market prefers the 2.4m-longer A321neo, with greater capacity to offer with more seats and range than the Boeing alternative. Airbus has recorded 4,510 orders for all three variants of the A320neo family, including 1,108 for the A321. That compares to 3,090 firm orders overall for the 737 Max family, but only 223 firm orders for the 737 Max 9.


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