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Emirates 'Seriously Considering' Premium Economy Class

Emirates would “seriously” consider introducing a premium economy option for some of its aircraft, the airline's president said on Tuesday, as the group presses ahead with plans to unveil a new first-class cabin next year. ( 기타...

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So adding a flat screen and power outlet to a seat that has been re-pitched to Coach Class of forty years ago and Premium Economy moniker makes for a flying experience that makes one weak in the knees?

I think the airlines would do better to make every coach seat premium and offer more personal service.
so that would be a 4 class aircraft?
And they are too stupid to know what a double entendre, oxymoron is...
Aah the "title" Emirates 'Seriously Considering' Premium Economy Class. Nothing else quite like the old double entendre, oxymoron to get you started!


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