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TSA Chief Fired

The acting head of the Transportation Security Administration was reassigned Monday after an internal investigation by the Department of Homeland Security found security failures at dozens of the nation's busiest airports. The breaches allowed undercover investigators to smuggle weapons, fake explosives and other contraband through numerous checkpoints. ( More...

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Chris B 9
We lack evidence that the TSA is any better at protecting the flying professionals and public than airport security prior to 9/11. Its been a colossal waste of our money.
Or at least, I haven't seen any proof.
Bernie20910 1
What proof do you require? Just curious, because while I loathe the long lines and intrusive searches as much as anyone else (and I believe the searches to be unconstitutional), it's rather difficult to prove a negative. How do you prove that having this in place has stopped someone from making an attempt? That because of this they decided not to even try? And while their record in tests is abysmal, even their harshest critics have to concede that they have prevented people from bringing thousands and thousands of actual weapons on board (not just nail clippers and excess shampoo).
jcsjcs 1
Nail clippers... You can buy nail clippers and scissors (albeit limited to a blade length of 6 cm) in the duty free stores at Frankfurt airport -- after passing through security..
Bernie20910 1
Not the point though (no pun intended).
He still got a 90,000 dollar bonus! What a country we have, you can have more problems with a traffic ticket and a steep fine, and this guy does a bad job and gets a bonus! WOW!
bbabis 3
The airlines have contributed mightily to the problem with the checked bag charges. People are carrying on everything but their cars and it all has to be checked at the TSA stations. Along with no checked baggage fees and a dedicated TSA line for people without carry-ons, most of the problems of missed flights would disappear.
Bernie20910 1
What if boarding order were done, not by how much you paid for your ticket or where your seat is, but by the total weight and volume of your carry ons? Heavier and bulkier last of course.
bbabis 2
It conjures up the vision of the last person to board a crowded jet wandering up and down the isle looking for someplace to stuff a steamers trunk. In reality, the thought process is good. Anything that encourages less carry-on luggage will help.
Bernie20910 1
Well, if they're wandering up and down an island somewhere with their steamer trunk, at least they won't be on the plane trying to shove it in the overhead.
Tom Zaidman 1
You aré absolutely right. If you don't have a carry on you board first and carry on weight bags checked in free and unloaded first. Charge if you don't register it!
jfsmith65 3
Thanks, Ruger9X19. Let's give the Vice Admiral a chance to right this ship. He's a good man and a strong, effective leader.
Cecil Clark 4
Old news. And no, TSA really hasn't gotten any better. When you hire High School drop outs with GEDs, who can't score well enough on standardized tests to join the military or local law enforcement, you get what we get with TSA agents. (There's a reason TSA agents ARE NOT ARMED!) Next to the IRS and just above Dept of Ed, TSA is the most useless government agency. TSA (and DHS) was a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11. Local law enforcement can provide airport security and would likely be better trained to do so--with a lot less wasteful federal government bureaucracy that's layered like an upside down wedding cake.
Bernie20910 3
Local law isn't going to do pax screenings though, and that's TSAs primary function.
The TSA really needs a good makeover, cosmetic changes will not do. In my experience it's only slightly better than the border crossings of the former communist block or the Allenby Bridge crossing between Jordan and Israel. Even at Ben Gurion airport, where the waiting in line is quite bad, the staff is at least polite with the travellers.
B Johnson 2
"acting head of the Transportation Security Administration was reassigned Monday "--likely at a HIGHER rate of pay.....these incompetent uncaring clowns NEED to be FIRED.
Mike Mohle 2
Did he also lose his pension?
jfsmith65 1
This is an irresponsible post--it's a year old. If you are going to run it, use a headline starting: One Year Ago... This is unfair.
Ruger9X19 1
Apologies, I grabbed the wrong article here is the current one.
Bernie20910 2
But does replacing the agency head really do much to address the problems at the rank & file level? If we look at the history of this agency, the answer to that seems to be a resounding "No!"
Not replacing him just reinforces the old adage about the definition of insanity.
I agree. And "The inmates are running the asylum!"
Bernie20910 0
So does replacing the wrong person. Frankly, I'm surprised anyone would accept the job. Look at the conditions: "You're not allowed to fire anyone without going through a lengthy process with the union; realistic, substantial changes to policy or procedures will require years of study and then Congressional and/or public approval; and if anything at all goes wrong we're going to blame you and ask you to resign".
They made the rules. Change them!
Bernie20910 1
Good idea! Well, since the rules are made by Congress, and Congress is supposed to represent "the people" (yeah, I'm trying hard not to laugh here), have YOU contacted your Congressional representatives to urge them to do that? Because that's about the only way anything is going to get changed, if enough people make a big enough fuss about it to their elected representatives.
What we need is a real president to set the tone. Haven't had one of those in decades.
Bernie20910 2
Ah, so you'd rather someone else do something about the problem? Let the president "set the tone"? How about YOU set the tone with your congress critters? Set the tone with your vote.
My congress critters are worthless. They have a majority and signed us up for 2 more trillion of debt just because they are afraid of not getting re-elected. I feel the only hope is a president. Just me.
You are 100% right!
Amen to that!
Mark Henley -1
Reagan set the tone pretty well when he summarily fired the air traffic controllers....
Yup again!
bbabis 0
This is actually quite telling. One year ago a corrupt political appointee incapable of leadership was replaced by an even more corrupt political appointee incapable of leadership. It speaks volumes of what we have to look forward to with the next one. Further more, these tax munchers are never fired. They step down, are reassigned, or whatever they think will placate the sheeples as they move to another teat on the government hog.
209flyboy 1
The Transportation Security Administrator was let go on Monday but has missed his flights. He was in line at the airport for a week because of excessively long lines at security. He's already missed 6 flights and the airlines won't give him a refund.
John Gonzalez 1
Being reassigned is not the same as "Fired". Just put them in a new job where they can create more havoc with poor planning. We are still paying for Melvin Carraway to now coordinate with local law enforcement, now that makes me feel so much better.
Mike Elrod 1
Actually not fired, removed. He's still employed by Government.
tcavin 1
reassigned....not fired....obama admin doesn't fire any of the incompetent bureaucrats
Mike Mohle -1
More "smoke and mirrors"!
shoepuke -1
All this is is a ploy to get more money into TSA and DHS.

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And these TSA MORONS at LAX Airport will not let me carry on 2 McDonald's Egg McMuffin Sandwiches. While the ARAB guy in from of me has a BIG Thermos Bottle of "TEA"as he told them. And they just waved that lousy ARAB man through, without an x-ray or even OPENING the THERMOS!!!!
David Monroe -2
As a former TSA Officer, I can tell you what the problem is. It has nothing to do with education or training. The standards in those areas are being met and exceeded. The problem is that the TSA SHOULD not and MUST not treat passenger screening as a "customer service" position. There have been and will be complaints about officers "touching" or even "groping" passengers, and there have been threats of lawsuits because someone felt that they may have been touched "inappropriately". The ultimate goal of the TSA is to make as certain as possible that EVERY passenger on EVERY aircraft is SAFE. If some passengers are "inconvenienced" by the security procedures, SO BE IT! In my personal experience, I found LOADED handguns in a passenger backpack. IT HAPPENS!! TSA screeners fail to find obvious threats because they are afraid some whiney passenger is going to complain about the officer "touching his junk". TSA needs to get back in charge of the screening process, and stop catering to the passengers who go to the airport looking to pick a fight with the TSA. These people should definitely miss their flight. I will admit that the TSA is doing some things that are ridiculous, such as confiscating a bottle of perfume that is 4 ounces and not 3.1 ounces. A cup of coffee or a bottle of water is not much of a threat, either. TSA Officers really aren't so stupid that they can't tell the difference between a beverage and an explosive, especially when the passenger has been drinking the beverage. There is definite "over-kill" in some areas, but just consider how few aircraft have been hijacked since the TSA came into existence. THAT, in itself, IS proof that the TSA is doing its job well.
Bernie20910 4
"These people should definitely miss their flight"

We're talking about people going about their lawful business, and exercising their legal right to travel, who object to being treated as criminals. Who object to being physically searched without probable cause. Who object to their rights being violated. Who object to unlawful detainment. And your attitude is that they SHOULD be made to miss their flight? I am SO glad you're a FORMER TSA officer. Unfortunately, there are far, far too many just like you still in the system.
Perhaps screeners in totalitarian dictatorships are happier in their jobs than you were.
Seems so.


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