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United Unveils Polaris, Its New Business Class Product

United Airlines President and CEO Oscar Munoz revealed the carrier’s plan to introduce what he called a “culture of caring” via its new Polaris business class product. ( 기타...

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Still playing catch up, but a great move forward, and aligned with most carriers going to aisle
access for all biz seats. Climbing over a sleeping passenger is one reason no one wants the outside
biz seats on Long hauls.
canuck44 2
It does look like United is getting the message. My daughter travels internationally out of SFO and was about to abandon UAL. She did a recent open jaw to LHR and back from GVA and commented on the upgrade in attitude and meals. It is a good axiom that the crowd in the back pay the cost of a flight and those in the front supply the profit....unless the back is empty. Repeat customers are vital and the new attitude will certainly help that component.
Privacy is good, but it would be nice if the privacy divider were movable for couples traveling together. I traveled DL ATL to JNB just a few inches from my wife. but she might have well been on a different airplane.
The partition is motorized and moves up and down.
I wonder if this new seating contributed to the decision to retire the 747 early. No need to design this seating for the slightly wider 747, just the 767, 777, 787, and A350. But, sounds like it might be a while before it hits the 787-800s.

Storage space is a plus, while the folks in the back could keep a laptop under the seat in front of them, only first had any storage during takeoff and landing. It does look like they will get fewer seats, as when the seat is on the left, the aisle space is not used other than to avoid stranding passengers. This will result in fewer "free" upgrades by platinum and 1K being available and potentially higher revenue.
Nothing here really new or innovative from UA. American still way out front. My last UA flight LAX-HNL was more of a 5 hour jail sentence than a business class trip. Stew's were nasty, crew up front much too talkative and, food- so-so. The only change for me is total disregard for UA. It's AA all the way now.
they really had to do research to find out that the most important thing is to have a good sleep on a airplane, i new that since 1979, the day I started traveling internationally.
Meanwhile, back in purgatory... err, I mean coach... You may still have the option to buy half a can of warm Coke for a price that will buy you a full case elsewhere, if you can manage to get the attention of a flight attendant who isn't too busy fluffing pillows and scooping ice cream for business class customers.
Buy a Coke? Have you ever ridden on United? They've never charged for soft drinks in coach for the last 35 years. I know.
The world will always need ditch diggers. Want more? PAY for more. Pretty simple to figure out.
The point is that all of this comes at the expense of the comfort of the other passengers on the flight. United is pretty much saying, and your comment just reinforces, that they don't give a squat about anyone below business class. Maybe they should go business class and above all the way; eliminate coach entirely.
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United launches new Polaris business class seat

United Airlines will rebrand its international business class service as Polaris, with new seats and airport lounges from December 2016.
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United launches new 'Polaris' Boeing 777-300ER business class seat

United Airlines' new Polaris international business class seat will also be fitted to the Boeing 777-200 and 767-300 fleet, plus the Boeing 787-10 and Airbus A350-1000.
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United Airlines is fighting back against competition with a stunning new service

According to a United Airlines representative, the first Polaris Lounge opens in Chicago on December 1. Flights featuring the Polaris Business Class product will commence in early 2017 on board the United’s new Boeing 777-300ER jets.

Here’s a closer look at United Airlines’ new Polaris Business Class, courtesy of the airline.
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United Airlines to launch new business class seat this week

United is holding a massive launch event at New York's Madison Square Garden this Thursday to launch its all-new business class seat.


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