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Worlds newest airport at St Helena in South Atlantic can't open due to wind shear

An airport built with £250million from the ballooning foreign aid budget risks becoming a white elephant because it is too windy to land there safely, it was claimed yesterday. A royal opening at the airport on the remote island of St Helena has been postponed indefinitely after test flights raised safety concerns. The cliff-top landing strip was built with £250million from the Department for International Development to help boost the tiny island in the South Atlantic, which is Britain’s most… ( 기타...

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How Can They say it took 3 attempts the video shows only 2 with gear down I'd call the other a Flyby
First one with gear down also looked like a practice run. Seems perfectly reasonable for a new airport.
Didn't look particularly alarming to me. Seen jets land in much worse conditions.
Tom Pera 1
agree...didn't look all that bad... pilots will be ready for it...
If you noticed; they flew a pretty well established glidescope...It wasn't until they were in ground affect whenever the wings flexed...Depending on what the winds are doing they may not give the pilots time to make power adjustments resulting in the plane slamming into the wind...Piston planes are usually better in that scenerio because the offer direct and immediate power....turbines however need time to spool.
Just can't believe it !! In 2016, building a £250 million airport, and when it is finished, seeing the wind conditions are not good !! They didn't make studies, measures before ? Maybe they didn't have computers and just raised their fingers to see where the wind was blowing from… Incredible !
Follow the money!
I guess you're right. It's the only explanation. Or maybe, as Einstein said : "Two things are infinite : the Universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the Universe." :)
Just get more foreign aid and install the runway on a turntable with a wind vane controller
Great idea !!!
Looks like it went as scheduled for a new runway test. A planned flyby, CHECK. A planned approach, CHECK. No problems, a planned landing, CHECK.
I wonder what their alternate was.
From what I read their alternates are Ascension Island, Namibe, Angola or Walvis Bay, Namibia, each are quite a distance away.
Napoleon's revenge...
radims 1
... "South Atlantic" not Pacific
Where'd you see Pacific?
Follow the money. Any chance that the Govt members who proposed and approved of this mess have any interest or would profit some way from the airport being built? Not a chance!!!
Looked like quite a bumpy ride. Did you see how the wings bounced rapidly on the first pass? (fly by)
Well...surrounded by ridges and at the edge of a cliff where the trade winds meet in a warm as supposed to ending the runway at the cliff they can use computer models to see if a Madeira style runway is better suited for that area...It wouldn't hurt because that seems to be a short runway as is so adding another 2000ft with a dis placed threshold might help.
Please hold the person responsible for approving this decision accountable. 100's of millions wasted if they in do abandon it is unacceptable. Its not a "Company" that made the decision its a person.
I doubt they will abandoned it; they just didn't factor in the surrounding hills, cliff, and ocean...all of which disturb wind flow....Madeira had the same problem but is now a modern marvel.....The firm that corrected that airport needs to be brought in to correct this one....if they only add an additional structure that is 2000ft in length that would take the runway to just under 8500ft in length...As it stands now a fully loaded 737-8 isn't even permitted to land there; so the change would be beneficial.
Chris B 1
I thought of Funchal to when I saw this.
I believe we are talking about the same airport.
Excellent text, from June 2nd, a bit long but which tells a lot.
Does anyone know which ATL gate is the only A380 gate?
"Every effort is being made to....."
How exactly do they plan on stopping the wind? Pay-off mother nature???
Sounds lIke a grand fail to me.
Site looks pretty in the pictures though.
And once you do get it on the ground you get to ingest an enormous quantity of sand/dust/and other crap when you open the reversers!!! Better bore scope those engines.
Why a towered airport? I don't see this going to be terrible busy.
I like the text that the local government will address the wind! I wonder what they have in mind, assuming they have a mind. King Kanute?
Nice to know that NZ isn't the only place with stupid politicians.
Is this the late revenge of Napoleon Buonaparte?
ADXbear -8
Liberals, make and they will come mentality... maybe a few tests before the built it?
Please help us make this one place politically silent...
Signed the Right
baw wa...take your politics somewhere else.


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