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Southwest Airlines Opposes Proposed Stadium near Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Sheldon Alderson's Las Vegas Sands Corporation and Majestic Realty of Las Vegas have proposed to an 11-member Tourism panel, created by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, to create a $1.4 billion, 65,000 seat stadium for UNLV football games, and for incentive to lure the Oakland Raiders NFL team to relocate to Las Vegas. Southwest Airlines has just filed a letter opposing that stadium for one reason: The stadium would be located across the street from Runways 1/19 at McCarran International… ( More...

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ADXbear 12
I live here in Vegas... and can not believe the FAA would approve this site which is located across Tropicana Ave directly cross from runways 19L/R at McCarran Intl Airport.. not only will there be obstacle clearance issues, bright lights etc, there will be 65000 people to be concerned about!!.. It doesn't take much imagination to see the worse case scenario happening and the questions that would come out of that... There is a lot of land around Vegas about building in a safe area..
Paul Parish 5
My issue is the sense of even spending 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS for a damn sports arena. Stupid...
aidannorman 0
That's where all the money is now
Joseph Cooney 3
Living in this area I understand the concern. My brother and sister-in-law live in Queens, NY and the old Shea Stadium complex was also in the path of the LaGuardia Field runways. The noise of landing/departing aircraft made watching a game in Shea ear splitting. Hope someone here comes to their senses. Boyd stadium further south of the city would be much more appropriate.
Find out who owns the land and you find out why there is a push to build it there.
Gee whiz. Anything for a buck. I am not a pessimist, but should an accident occur. A whole lots of folks will lose their lives. Think about that for a second.
joel wiley 2
Similar issue with San Jose Mineta and the "SF" 49ers.
While those who proposed this location have no brains, let's hope the FAA does.
aidannorman 2
I just looked at the site on Google Maps. And It's dangerously close to the end of the runways; I can't imagine flights will be allowed
744pnf 3
The 19 rnwys are rarely used by commercial airlines, but I agree the stadium must be built elsewhere.
The 19s are used all the time by the commercial airlines. Those on the GRNPA arrival stay on the track going straight there, while some are vectored off for the 25s. And when in Config #4, both 19L/R are used for arrivals along with 7R while departing 7L.

Then when the 1s are in use, that makes it even worse. Then factor in the help departures on the Tropicana departure, which would fly directly over where that stadium would be built, and it's madness.

That said, I definitely agree that the stadium shouldn't be built there.
It doesn't matter what city it is, erecting a major sports site or even residential housing or an outhouse that close to active runways is dangerous. The proposal places the people involved at risk.
aidannorman 1
Would'nt that mean flight restrictions when a even is going on or is that just professional sports.
Mandy Porter 15
Any stadium having a seating capacity of 30K or more people where either a regular or post season major league baseball, national football league, or NCAA division one football game is occurring. This also applies to NASCAR Sprint Cup, Indy Car, and Champ series races excluding qualifying and pre-race events.

But if you're squawking and talking with ATC you're good to go. DAB has the speedway there and AFW has TMS with acft taking off and landing during events. One of the biggest problems in these events are NTAPs. However, with all the land around Vegas, to build right next to the airport is pretty stupid and people would probably end up complaining about there "being an airport put right next to the stadium!"
Casey Burns 1
As. B737 700-800-900 Captain I take off and land on 1L/1R a lot.
Ric Wernicke 1
Really? The NFL would allow a team to be owned by two gambling license holders like Sheldon and Ed Roski (Silverton Casino) and be moved to Las Vegas? There will be scheduled flights from LAS to the moon before that happens.


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