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EgyptAir voice recorder indicates fire on doomed plane

The plane's cockpit voice recorder indicates there was a fire on the aircraft before it crashed -- and an attempt to put it out, a senior source from the airline told CNN Tuesday. The revelation adds another detail to a picture that's been slowly emerging since the May 19 crash. Early indications suggest fire near the front of the Airbus A321, though the cause is currently unknown. A transcript has not been released. ( 기타...

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Cannot wait to see a transcript; how will Trump back-pedal if this wasn't terrorism!
He wasn't the only one. Many officials from around the world should take a step back and say they were wrong...but no one will. "Not terrorism" doesn't make news.
djames225 -1
The thing is Zachary, Trump has been opening his mouth and inserting his foot more times than not.
Here is another article on that doomed flight blackbox findings..a smoldering cigarette perhaps flipped into the trash? avionics bay snafu?. Now that they think they know the what, hopefully can narrow down a why and how.


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