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Delta reveals private all-suite business class for Airbus A350

Delta pulls back the curtains on its new business class for the Airbus A350 and Boeing 777 fleet – and it's a first-class inspired, fully-enclosed suite. Yes, in business class! ( 기타...

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One of the greatest pleasures I've had in years of travel is meeting strangers sitting next to me in coach. The list is long. There have been others who remained uncommunicative and others worth forgetting, but a good number are still remembered. They made travel a pleasure. Getting there can still be half the fun. No doors or curtains for me.
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Now you can join "The Club" without going to the lav !!!!!!!
Agree with Jim.We have open borders,internationalisation,easy access to markets yet the people who transport us there are putting us in little secluded areas cutting us off from 'easy access'. Strange world!
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Coming to Delta business class: Suites with doors

Suites on planes. With doors — or curtains — offering an extra layer of privacy.

Emirates Airlines started the trend and now Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines and Air France are among the international airlines that have these super-swank spaces for passengers who can afford to fly in the front of the plane.


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