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Private Plane lands on highway in St. Louis, MO

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A small private plane has landed on the eastbound lanes of 364 (Page Extension) in St. Charles County. Authorities have blocked off 2 lanes of 364. The plane is a single engine aircraft. So far no injuries have been reported. It’s believed the plane had taken off from Creve Coeur Airport. ( 기타...

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Everyone walked away, no damage to the plane or other vechiles. Sounds like the pilot(s) did a good job!
Not sure about that if he had to land on public road.
Uh, yeah, I would say since the engine stopped, for whatever reason, since he landed on asphalt, and everyone walked away, and nobody in the plane or on the ground died, it was a good landing. There is one sure thing. You never ever have to take off. However, once you do, you have to land. He did. Everyone lived, and he didn't bend the airplane.
As opposed to what? A wooded area, maybe in the lake nearby? In an emergency situation a road can be one of the better options. They make a reliable surface for landing on and all the obstacles are moving with you and can get out of your way once they know you are there. It's not a perfect situation, but then again, no engine failure is.
On the other hand, they tend to have power lines and other obstructions alongside and crossing, and these are all but invisible from the air. Hit one, and your nice emergency landing turns into a fatal.

I've had many instructors over the years, and I can't think of one who ever suggested highways -- particularly interstates -- as a good option let alone "better." An actual airport first, then open fields, treetops next, water if you must (it's not user-friendly), and roads only if rural and isolated.

I'm glad these two guys made it. That's definitely good news. But I don't think that's a good reason to down-vote Mr. McCormick.
Honestly, the choice of where to land and order with which you choose them is wholly dependent on where in the country you are, and what phase of flight you are in. Here in Eastern Colorado, we have an almost endless selection of well-groomed fields, rural roads and some highways. In other parts of the country, the choices are not as plentiful. Also, most interstate highways don't have power lines next to them. That is more often something that follows roads or state highways. Taking a closer look at the highways in question here, there doesn't appear to be any power lines next to them.

As to phase of flight, if you are in any phase other than takeoff, you will have time to assess your surroundings and pick the best off-airport landing site. Based on the proximity of the airport to where they landed, can be seen here, I'd guess they had just taken off and the engine quit. At that point your best option is to pick the safest spot straight in front of you and get down safe. So, the road off their nose was very likely the best option they had.

Of course, this is all Monday morning quarterback talk. And for what it's worth, I didn't down-vote Walter's comment.
Are you a licensed pilot or a desk pilot? Just asking..
I love how it is described as "harrowing"... i suppose... but it coulda been a lot worse!
Yeah, a definite over exaggeration of the media. But I would expect no less.
We as citizens and some of us not so old as to remember that when the interstate system was put in one of the requirements under the Eisenhower administration was that there would be straight sections of interstate just for this reason for emergency landings... the luxury of air travel was in a boom but the aircraft were not as reliable as today.
The cars in front of you will never know your there but the ones behind you landing will have a day to remember for a lifetime. Anytime any pilot can put it down safely is great news for aviation.
I've heard that same story myself, but never found any source to back it up, in fact many places my searches found claim that is just a myth. Of course, it seems the highway system does provide many best worst cases so to speak. Also worth noting, the Page Extension is not part of the Federal Interstate system, but does run right along 1H0 on the St Louis side of the Missouri River.
The biggest thing the interstate system was designed for was the movement of the military. Most are rather close to or dead end right into a military base. The biggest reason for turns in the interstate is to inhibit sleepiness or road hypnosis where the monotony of a straight road could put you to sleep.
I read somewhere on the internet, that Esinhauer was so impressed with the German Autobahn he deigned our IH's for the same thing. Troop movement. Also required to have at least an 8 or 10 K foot stretch that was level and flat ever so many miles for transport to land!
Just saying because the internet is always right!


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