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U-2 Spy Plane Crashes In Sutter County; Pilots Ejected

11:00 a.m. UPDATE: A U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane has crashed in Sutter County. The crash happened at around 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The Air Force and Beale Air Force Base have both confirmed the crash and that two pilots ejected. Their condition is unknown. ( 기타...

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One pilot is injured but survived, the other sadly was killed.

Local newspaper's early report:
video of the AC falling and chutes deploying
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Pilot dies after U-2 spy plane crashes in California

The aircraft crashed in Sutter County. The U-2 was from the 9th Reconnaissance Wing stationed at nearby Beale Air Force Base, some 48 miles north of Sacramento.
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1 pilot killed, 1 hurt in U-2 plane crash in Sutter Buttes

Daytime mishap in 2-seat training version of the jet. Both ejected. One survived.
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1 Air Force Pilot Killed, 1 Hurt After Ejection, Crash in Calif.

The US Air Force says one pilot was killed and another injured when they ejected from a U-2 spy plane shortly before it crashed in Northern California, the AP reports.

In 1984 I saw the wreckage of the U2 flown by Gary Powers in a military museum in Moscow. Do we really need these airplanes today? Aren't spy satellites enough? How much money have we spent on decades-old projects like this? Enough is enought!
Do you know how much a spy satellite cost to put into orbit? Since the jets are built, they are a still a useful reconnaissance platform. The B2 bombers are still a workhorse after 60+ years too. Now if the U.S. said we are going to spend $10B to come up with a U2 replacement, then I would question the wisdom.
I think you meant B-52, not B-2. Probably a typo.

Also, with satellites, our enemies know EXACTLY when they will be overhead. Anything they don't want seen can be moved or covered up. Not so with an aircraft system.
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Kind of late might try reading posts first.
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Hey read before you post was posted yesterday
I thought I did. I looked through the previous 24 hours Squawks and didn't see anything. Still don't.
Just FYI - when I open FA, the "home page" has a selection of Popular squawks, but they are just a small portion of the full Squawk list. When I go to "More Squawks", the default view for Time is (Last 24 hrs) and Sort - which is really a filter - is (Popular). To avoid duplicate squawks, I believe you have to switch to (Newest) on the Time for it to unfilter the ones with low votes... your duplicate squawk was submitted several hours after the first one, and moderators converted it to a (Duplicate Squawk Submitted) to keep it within the thread of the first one. Linbb doesn't appear to realize that the website is sometimes tricky and duplicates happen...
Thanks - helps me understand what happened. I have been in FA for 10 years. The site has evolved and changed in that time. The Post Squawk functionality can still sometimes be a little iffy... :-)


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