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SQ confirms two-class A350-900ULR and plans for third non-stop US destination

Singapore Airlines says its ultra-long range A350-900 fleet will have two classes and will fly to a third non-stop 'North American' destination, which could be SFO (replacing the 'standard' A350-900 which have to fly SIN-SFO with payload restrictions). ( 기타...

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The SQ A340 had 180 J Class seats, took 18h00 between New York to Singapore and used 158,000 Kgs of fuel.

How much fuel for the A350?
Wonder if they may restore the VHHH-KLAS run they had back in the early 2000s. That was a very profitable route, until SARS caused travel to/from China to tank. Bringing that back would also link Las Vegas and Macau, giving access to both major gambling meccas.
Brad, how about using the IATA city codes that we all understand.....please?
figuring that FA is more geared toward pilots and flight tracking, I thought it would be safe to presume that those here would be used to ICAO codes than the casual air traveler with IATA codes.

Hi Brad, thanks for your reply. But I reckon, like me, many readers here are just interested in aviation and airlines too. I worked in the industry for 36 years, but those operational codes just confound me. I mostly know the IATA codes. There is no way I would know that VHHH is HKG.


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