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AN 225 Flight Schedule

AN225 is flying from Leipzig to Santiago. Making stops at Goose Bay, Washington and Miami as North American Destinations. ( 기타...

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I would hate to be dispatched to the ramp to change the tires on that plane!
If I remember right, from some documentary I was watching, they carry a number of spare tires with them on each flight.
It's a classic in our time, it smoked the spruce goose in functionality, and proved to AB that something that big can fly. Hence the 380. Cheers.
linbb 1
Didn't know that was the reason airbus designed the 380.
Insteard of the AN225 Airbus could of made the A380F.
canuck44 4
They actually had a 380F ready to go but only had a few orders so were going to lose a tonne of Euros. At the time they cancelled the passenger version production was struggling. It didn't sell because the deck between the upper and lower decks is structural and cannot be removed negating the concept of it being suitable for oversized cargo.
Would have also been tough with all that space and no nose door.


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