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Water supertanker lands in Israel

The American firefighting aircraft nicknamed the Supertanker has landed at Ben Gurion Airport to help fire crews on the ground and in the air to extinguish a series of fires raging around the country, especially in the hills surrounding Jerusalem. ( 기타...

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Good for Israel. They saw the need and the International community responded. Fire Tactics 101: The water scoopers drop water, directly on the fire about 200-300 feet of fire line is cooled and partially extinguished per drop. Twice the coverage for the Russian scoopers. The 747 is a fire retardant line builder, indirect attack. The fire moves into the milk shake consistency liquid and is "retarded" for hours while ground crews move into build mineral fire lines/water and hoses. Depending on the coverage level required for holding the fire, two (grass) to eight (brush-timber) gallons per 100 square feet, the 747 can treat effectively up to 1.2 miles of (grass)fire line per drop. On the Hafia Incident using water or chemically enhanced water (foam or gel) the coverage level was maximum. 747 direct attack probably cooled and extinguished about 2000 to 3000 feet of fire line.
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What's the turnaround time for the supertanker? I remember borate bombing with TBM Avengers used to see a significant amount of air time in transitting from the load site to the dump site and the time on the ground to load the tank.
During a wildland fire incident there will usually be multiple aircraft working. Turnarounds of less than forty-five minutes will probably be acceptable by the air operation managers. Land,load,wheels-up, back to the fire, forty five minutes, best guess?
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Good for Supertanker but too bad the story said it was owned by Evergreen as this is a new airftame. Some what the same style of equipment inside. Great to see it put into use and think there will be more for it overseas.
Story referred to history & Evergreen:

Israel contacted the American company Global SuperTanker, which operates the aerial firefighter, to look into the possibility of it being flown to Israel. Indeed, a supertanker previously owned by the company Evergreen before it went bankrupt was flown to Israel to assist in the 2010 Carmel Forest Fires.

Glad to see it in service. Shot earlier this year at FF conference at KMCC
Now ain't that special, We send a super tanker to Israel, when the largest tourist area in America is burning up.....namely the Great Smoky Mountains! ARE WE GETTING DUMB & DUMBER OR WHAT???
You might ask your federal representatives why they do not fund federal firefighting appropriately in order to budget for the use of resources such as the super tanker. While at it, why not ask whether fires could be considered disasters for funding as are hurricanes & floods so the USFS does not need to redirect planning and proactive funds to plug fire fighting budget deficits.
Keep in mind that the tanker is a private organization, not a government entity, so they are free to go where they are contracted to go.
Did we send it? Which fire started first?

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Hi Wilbur, I'm not experienced in aerial fire-fighting. Do you have experience in this type of operation? What are your qualifications???

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Give it up, Esquire. Your attitude and constant use of "quotation marks" gave you up at first post.
I wondered when he would be back.

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Yes, please tell us how it is possible for one be so obnoxious and patronizing and why you bothered to change your handle, when you continue to post the same old crap without even a minimal effort to act like someone else? Because it's no coincidence Wilbur shows up and Peter disappears. I'll assume you got the old heave ho from FA on the latter.
Peter Hartman Exq (6686L) is suspended but not deleted.
Wilbur Sanchez (swansdelight) is active, quite
One might pose the same questions to you.

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Knock it off. No one cares about your elevated sense of importance. This type of drivel offers nothing to the discussion.
From a post on the firebombers group on Yahoo:
Israel operates a large fleet of S.E.A.T.S and amphibious S.E.A.T aircraft and have been very busy this week. Israel has also asked for help through the European Union and the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) .

Many countries have sent aircraft in support of fire operations in Israel.

Croatia,Cyprus,France (3 CL-415's), Greece (2 CL-415's #2049,#2054), Italy, Russia (2 BE-200's), Spain (4 aircraft 215T's or 415's), Turkey (1 CL-215 #2 TC-TKL).

It sounds like the amphibs have not been forgotten. Maybe Bennie N. wanted one more big gun as well.

Just out of idle curiosity, is salt water corrosion a concern for the CL-415? Israel, like Airidzona may have limited opportunities to scoop fresh water.


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