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Southwest airlines emergency at Midway

A Southwest 737-800 had to make and emergency landing at Midway due to a reported bird strike. ( 기타...

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Aviation expert using four engine jet model explaining a bird strike in a two engine jet - here's your sign. Damn geese are all over the area now, looking for open water and of course finding none at -23C
Hilarious....yeah, grabs a small 747 model, and points to the number three engine...SWA caught a bird in number one. AND yeah, as the F/A said, it does smell bad. Bird in the engine, feathers burn...the A/C packs (that provide pressurization in the cabin) get their air from the engines....what we call "bleed air"'s "bled" from the high-pressure, high temperature sections of a jet engines' turbine...

Feathers burning smells as bad as burning hair. Plus, the other stuff....
Fourth BASH reported this week on AVHerald
Flight track for SWA105 --
This airline must have a curse on it!!!


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