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Picture: An-124 at Zurich bringing replacement engine for Swiss B777

Antonov 124 bringing a GE-90 to Iqaluit, Canada for the stranded SWISS Boeing 777 ( 기타...

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This video shows how they keep warm while doing engine R&R's in Iqaluit
Thanks! :) Number 2 in weekly views! That's awesome
MH370 1
You're welcome!
The broken engine is just on the way back inside the Antonov but it's planed to land at EMA if i am right.
Also HB-JND is on the way to Zurich. They did a good job in Iqaluit.
dodger, it's Zurich, as stated in the headline. Iqaluit has grass, but not in February, and the houses aren't as picturesque
dodger4 1
Here's what I get when I click any of the links:

That's not Iqaluit. Nor is it in the middle of winter...

What's wrong with my browser. Cache cleared too.
It's because its a photo of the craft in Zurich ready to take the engine to Iqaluit
lynx318 1
Is that a man standing left of plane between first 2 yellow end marker lamps? Gee that's a big plane.
Yes it is a monster but no, that isnt a man standing there as this thing is lining up on the runway for takeoff
I have loaded the 777 engine on a 747, I am a Loadmaster.
Not sure that this is newsworthy. I expected to at least see the engine being unloaded, or something.
That's just one expensive charter flight. I'm wondering how there getting the old engine out of iqaluit.
Is that a serious comment? They might have room on the inbound flight to take out the old one? Perhaps?
It was just a question. And two I'm
Not sure if they have the equipment to pull the engine and have it prep before the flight gets there. It is a remote airport.
The engine was pulled and waiting...HB-JND is already back in Zurich..It may be remote but it has it's fair share of aircraft visitors A380, A350, B777, A320NEO and engines galore


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