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Air New Zealand may use old TE codes for flight numbers from 2018

Air New Zealand CEO Luxton says they might revert back to the old air new zealand flight codes as TE instead of NZ flight numbers as it revelled. Many years ago NAC known as New Zealand National Airways Corporation used these flight codes on there domestic routes until Air New Zealand emerged with them in April 1978. However the general public accept this but do not want to see the flight numbers TE 901 appear as many families friend's have still memories of the DC10-30 lost on a sight… ( 기타...

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I have worked for the airline since the introduction of the Boeing 747-219's It wasn't until 1983 the following year when the DC10'S were all gone as well as the DC8'S except for one ZK-NZD which became a freighter aircraft after being converted from a passenger jet The TE codes were replaced by the NZ flight codes and have since not being changed. I don't think Air NZ will change them and the link to your post is not correct


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