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American Airlines Says It Will End Codeshare Deals with Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways

American Airlines says it will end codeshare relationships with the Middle East carriers Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. American said it notified the two carriers of the decision on June 29, more than a week before Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker made widely-condemned insulting statements about U.S. airlines and flight attendants. ( 기타...

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s2v8377 4
I'm very happy AA is doing this. My only question with ending the codeshares is how does this work with Qatar being part of the Oneworld Alliance?
tjperez927's no longer going to be just One World?
'Bout time. And thank you for finally taking a stand American!
Complete B.S.
Why these CEO's have to be evil? That sucks. I'll not earn AA Advantage points flying with those carriers starting next year.
Good!! This needed to be done.


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