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E190 Draws the Embraer Logo over US

Just landed back at Nashville after a 4 hour and 38 minute flight. Going after Boeing I see! ( More...

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mdburd 3
You're comparing the outline of a jet to the outline of a logo--which both could be sized up or down, based upon the flight path taken...

Rather than make "size matters" statements, how about just appreciating the creativity of laying out and then flying both flight plans??
Joel Rugeno 1
I see it is owned by West Fargo; how they are still in business is a wonder
Alan Brown 0
Interesting way of showing how you feel, and how you are going to market your aircraft.

Chris Trott -4
Aww, so cute. Their logo takes up less than 1/4 the US. Boeing's outline covered almost 2/3. Need to try again later. ;)


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