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Passengers face chaos due to airport check-in system failures around the globe

Frustrated passengers reported problems at London Gatwick, Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle in Paris and Reagan Airport in Washington DC. Travellers in Singapore, Zurich, Melbourne and Johannesburg also appeared to be affected on Thursday morning after firms using Amadeus Altea software were hit with issues. ( 기타...

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joel wiley 12
One can expect such occurrences when one defers investment in robust, fault tolerant computer systems for the cheapest, fragile, and friable systems in order to meet Wall Street market quarterly expectations upon which executive compensation is determined.
To illustrate Joel's point, I wanna say it was last year that DAL 'upgraded' their computer systems to Windows7.
That was up from XP right? :P
cbrtgn 1
Huge fun! My son got stuck at DCA. Not only was there a check in delay, the aircraft then had an electrical fault that called for a replacement. Once that happened, he proceeded to LGA but was forced by visibility issues to finally land at JFK. A 65 minute flight became a 300 minute mess. Dee train, boss, dee train....
He could have driven there in that time and stopped for lunch when you add in extra time to go through TSA time.
..or boarded the train at Union Station.
have the airlines and airports not learned anything? his past year alone, we have had British Airways, United, Delta and more crash their IOT systems costing them MILLIONS if not BILLIONS in getting back on track and compensation claims.
Cutting corners to save money seems to backfire more often than not and you end up spending far more than you would have ever saved! Not to mention the bad PR............
System upgrades come under capital improvements,is charged against revenue, and adversely affects the bottom line profit figure Wall Street wants to see. Costs for this and other debacles come under a different line item that covers unforeseen and unforeseeable incidents and other acts of dog. It posts as an asterisked footnote.
To much reliance on computers and no back up system. Reason for no back up system; cost
The funds for a resilient computer system went in to executive compensation and stock repurchases.
I love computers. They make flying airplanes easier, but I still have a compass and watch to navigate in case GPS goes down. The check in systems are programmed by people with very little understanding of the business needs of the company that will use the equipment. The result is creation of a shaky work platform with a ton of patches and fixes that are neither elegant nor resilient in operation. When the system goes down you will never get an honest answer as to what really happened, so it will happen again.

A simple paper back up system could put a stop to this continuing saga of wasting everyone's time and millions of dollars.

Simply print a list of passengers and their record locator at the airport 12 hours before flight time. If the system crashes, you show up with your name and locator (to prevent the wrong "Jim Smith" from using your ticket) and they hand you a boarding pass.

If there are more seats than names, you sell them to anyone until the list is full.

True you need people at the counter that are smarter than a vegetable, but you'd be surprised what people can do with a little training and the permission to make decisions.
It could very well possibly be caused by the recent solar storms from our favorite star -
I would assume that was the cause. The lesser robust equipment would fail.

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+gerardo godoy, did you forget to take your happy pill again today???
what is an STABLISHMENT? Sounds like the righties tea party.........
Stablishment - using similar) word in a sentence: "Lucy, you got some splainin to do."
Blaming liberals for a computer failure? WTF? Keeping costs down to improve the bottom line is a conservative philosophy. The goal is keeping profits up as much as possible even if it means a customer service failure. Screw the passengers, we have money to make.


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