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Airbus Seeks to Cut Repayments to Government From Controversial 'Launch Investment' for New Jets

Airbus is battling to reduce the amount it pays back to government investors who helped fund the development of its poorly selling A380 superjumbo. ( 기타...

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Hindsight is easy for all of us including me. Another example is Boeing. They hit it out of the park with the 787, truly a game changer in the history of aviation. But, they're going to regret not having produced a MOM to replace the iconic 757. The market is difficult in many aspects.
chalet 3
Not quite Stephen, in theory the 787 was going to be an extraordinary success, technlogically and commerciallywise but the 5 or billion that they estimated its development cost until first commercial flight turned out to be a 30 BILLION NIGHTMARE, in fact Boeing still is amortizing that figure and some say that it might never turn a single dollar in profits.
chalet 6
Airbus made two monster decisions: design and build 4-engine jets, the 340 family, thinking that it was going to be the successor to the extremely efficient and widely selling 707 of the 60s and 70s, when Airbus should have continued developing 2-engine airliners. The rest is history, the 777 blew them out of contention. And the 380, who in his right mind would sink billions in a gargantuan airliner when the market was saying very clearly that 4-jet Jumbos were no longer acceptable.
Chris B 4
Boeing to scream SUBSIDY in three, two one....

Not like Nasa and the Military don't help Boeing every day. They both play the game.
Of course the European governments have and will continue to prop up Airbus, because that infrastructure and those skilled workers and engineers are highly valuable to the member countries and the region as a whole. Airbus has in my estimation, designed the incorrect airliner for the times then and in the future when they all drank the airbus koolaid and authorized, built and now market the 380.
And kudos to the Emperor's tailors.
linbb 2
Sounds like Boeing was very right about the government propping them up gee go figure.
Deal is a deal. Honor it or lose trust amd future sales.


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