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Emirates to buy 36 new Airbus A380s in US$16bn deal

Emirates has thrown a lifeline to the Airbus A380 with a massive order for 36 superjumbos worth US$16 billion at list price. ( 기타...

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Interesting that these aircraft are replacing 'older' ones. I read that to mean they aren't increasing the fleet. There's probably more value in keeping the 'older' ones for spare parts than there is to operate them.
a p 1
I think you forgot the meaning of "some".
Ten years old plane for spare parts? FYI Planes are not like cars... Are you writing from Seattle?
A preponderance of evidence suggests that no A380 will ever sell for "list price".
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Emirates gives a hand to troubled A380 program with 20 new orders including an option for 16 more

Emirates wants more Airbus A380. Emirates orders 20 Superjumbos and secures an option for 16 more. Thus the long-discussed A380 program is saved for the time being.
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Emirates offers critical lifeline to A380

Emirates' decision to take up to 36 more Airbus A380s offers life-support to a programme at a point when the airframer had been openly talking about the possibility of its closure.


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