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In an Eye-Opening Announcement, United Airlines Claimed It's Going to Finally Tell Passengers the Truth

Recently, United Airlines has been on something of a please-the-passenger kick. Which is better than kicking the passenger for pleasure, surely. Last week, I wrote about how the airline is finally introducing a long-haul Premium Economy Class -- called Premium Plus -- something passengers have been craving for, oh, 25 years. Now, United is getting positively giddy. It's decided to start telling passengers the truth. Yes, the whole truth. ( 기타...

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Having spent 22 years with one of the majors in the U.S., and having worked at the gate, and in the system Operations Control Center, I can tell you that lack of information at the local level is a problem with ALL carriers. You may have 1 person in control of hundreds of decisions that impact a large number of flights that is trying to sort things out and therefore no one knows what is going on. When a delay is due to weather or late arrivals or other things that are easily determined, just tell the Agents and Crew and their passengers the truth. When it is something larger, the truth still is a good policy while decisions are being made. One thing everyone has to realize is that airlines do not have a bunch of aircraft sitting on the ground just waiting to be used as backups. If it is airworthy it is probably flying; if not, it should be out of service and on the ground. Communication is always the hardest thing, but should be the simplest.
From this article I get ... that United is going to begin notifying passengers of upcoming delays more promptly than in the past. The headline certainly isn't stating the subject.
This has to be one of the worst-written articles ever linked to this site. 26 paragraphs and only two longer than one sentence. Where did this guy learn to write, in advertising?
Completely agreed. It's actually painful to read the article.
npog99 2
Does this actually mean that United is admitting the fact that they lie to passengers?
Airline truth - surely an oxymoron !
United took control of Continental. The latter was a relic of the legacy carrier age. Filthy aircraft, snarling cabin crews, high fares
Now United has retrograded into Continental light.
Two carriers now combined into one large crappy carrier. Avoid
Be careful of the premium plus product. It is being introduced to compete with the likes of Spirit and Southwest Airlines. While the cost of the ticket may be low there will be extra charges when you arrive at the airport. Fees such as checked baggage, overhead baggage use and carry-on baggage fees. Last to board take available seats most likely middle seats. No family seating available.

Check the add on fees before you purchase and see if you save money purchasing a standard economy fare.
Additionally Southwest (at least) is no longer a discount carrier in my experience. They came on the scene many years ago quite aggressively now, they are often times more than Delta, etc........
Well UAL is certainly not telling the truth to its passengers yet, I was on UA32 LAX-NRT this past Monday when the flight was cancelled, N29968 was schedule for this flight and arrived in LAX the night before from PVG, we were told the reason for the flight cancellation was weather back east prevented the aircraft from arriving in LAX. I had to quietly argue with the supervisor at the ticket counter and threaten to tell the other passengers the truth to get them to re-accommodate me on an ANA flight, otherwise my option was a refund or leave the following day.
they want you to believe that then they hike the price. Any thing for a fast buck and I dont mean the four legged ones.
Typical article written by a "know it all" journalist who has no idea how airlines work. The issue at the local level is not agents lying to customers - it's agents not getting any info, or the wrong info, from their local operations people, or from the airline's system operations control center. Then in other instances, the correct info IS given, but it's so dang complex that a $12/hr customer service rep doesn't understand, and explains the issue incorrectly. Running an airline is way more complex than even most road warriors think it is. Between the FAA/DOT/TSA regs, union contracts, IT complexities, maintenance procedures, maintenance scheduling, and so much else... there's a lot more to it than "why can't you just use a spare plane" when a flight is delayed. As a former big three airline manager, I get so ticked off when I read these stories by journalists who think they know everything. They haven't a clue.
This would be fun to get a light on one thing it won't reset in the mean time you find another problem that takes an just ain't gonna happen like they want it to..........
Is it so hard for the pilot or co-pilot to make an announcement? Not everyone wants to keep checking for text messages on board.
Flying airlines today = Masochism.
Lacks credibility. Also too little too late. I will continue to avoid United.
Seems others are already doing this. Not so long ago, our initial delay in boarding/departure on our FLT with Delta in ATL was a brief T-shower which backed everything up. Then an issue with the AC cropped up (I forget what...). Another needed to be rolled out of the hangar to replace ours- which also required a security sweep. Then somehow no crew. Seriously at least one of the crew was a no-show. 6 hours into what was a 90 minute layover, we were boarding after changing gates (once, maybe twice)
2 days later I had the flu- I attribute to spending that much time in the petri-dish of ATL....
We were told the reason for the sequence of the delays throughout, reasonably promptly.......
PaulN2719 -1
If it's "truth" like the NHL's "upper body injury"-type truth, then heaven help United customers.
Pfft. Clever. Just like when a perp starts off answering a cop's question by saying "Well, to tell you the truth..."

The position we're in now is that United will continue saying whatever they feel they need to, and the problem is shifted to the customer even more now. "Oh, we told you you that we would be telling you the truth, so if you don't believe us, that's YOUR problem."

Nothing has changed. No different than a male celebrity trying to mitigate damage about abuse by releasing a statement when he realizes that someone is sure to squeal on him very soon.
Yeah, but kicking the passenger for pleasure is lots more fun!

Tom Bruce -3
well.... let's see... believe when I hear "the truth"


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