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A319neo and B737 Max 7 are not suitable for use as regional jets, says Embraer Executive

Sao Paulo - For John Slattery, the Executive VP of Commercial Aviation at Embraer, the point is clear: Boeing and Airbus want to buy regional jet manufacturers because they know that neither the A319neo nor the Boeing 737 MAX 7 delivers the efficiency that this market segment requires. ( 기타...

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Ford Executive: "Chevy trucks not the most suitable pickups."
Well and the fact that E175 is more comfortable in back then any 37.
If I could only pick this aircraft I would every time, plus 12 seats in first -
Even United's A319 only has 8 !
30west 6
Scott, it's the same at AA/AA Eagle on the routes where they use a mix of A-319, CRJ-700 and CRJ-900. The CRJ-900 has 12 F/C seats vs. 8 on the 'bus. We enjoy the extra leg room in Coach of about an additional eight inch pitch on the -900 due to the Scope Clause limitation which limits at AA the total number of seats per jet to 76 on its Regional partners operated jets.

Based upon my experience, I don't see APA or ALPA agreeing to expanding the current seat limitation during contract negotiations at any time soon. I think raising the pay and benefits at the Regionals is more likely, as witnessed by the current signing bonuses being offerred to new hires, or the mainline pilots flying the bigger RJ's. AA pilots are already doing that, however the pay rates are less on it than on the other narrow bodies (A-320 series, B737 and MD80) in the fleet. For those with the need to check out as captain as soon as pssible, it is available many years sooner going to the smaller jet.
Delta's 319's have 12 F/C seats. Same as CRJ900's. CRJ700's have 9.
Tom Pera 2
all moving to 150+ passengers... scope clauses will be fun to watch as C series and E195s get built
Embraer seats less than the 150 and can class itself as a regional jet due to its stated range limitations.
Agree to a point. My area near Lewiston, Idaho, does not have enough traffic to warrant either a 319 or 737. Years ago, Republic ran DC-9s and they did ok. Not great.
pfp217 1
and in those days, the DC-9 operated several stops.
What a worthless article. I don't see any mention of cargo that is going from point A to B. If the plane is loaded up with USPS, having the 737 or 319 makes much more sense. Pax aren't the only source of revenue for airlines these days.


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