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Engine manufacturers say the goal of 70 A320neo per month is unrealistic

Paris - Engine manufacturers Pratt & Whitney and Safran Group think that the production expansion plan of Airbus for 70 A320neo per month is not realistic. ( 기타...

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what business are they in? certainly not customer focussed
It is rather unrealistic..Airbus has to use common sense and realize they are not the only bird flying CFM or Pratt engines..if they want to pump out 70 per month, that would mean 140 engines per month. just for the then Boeing has to suffer along with Bombardier, Embraer, Suhkoi and Mitsubishi?
I wonder what they think of Boeing's goal of a new plane every 11 hours.
"The plane maker expects to deliver between 810 and 815 commercial airplanes in 2018. That means it will have to complete one roughly every 11 hours." That is for all aircraft combined..CFM has already stated it's output for the year at 1,200-1,300 Leap engines between both manufactures.


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