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Aeromexico becomes the second 737 MAX operator in South America

Mexico City - Aeromexico officially unveiled its first Boeing 737 MAX 8, which had arrived at the Mexico City International Airport on February 23. ( 기타...

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Agree. Thanks!
Joey Lau 1
Good. Look Forward.
dee9bee 1
I was thinking the same as most of you. Bad title. I'm guessing that Aeromexico is the second 737 MAX operator TO South America.
Nope, I guess they really meant what they wrote: "The aircraft is the first of 90 MAX 8 and MAX 9 ordered by the South American operator."

Their geography is messed up...
Actually Central America
No, Mexico is part of NORTH America. But Latin America is also correct. Central America is south of the Mexican border...Guatemala and Belize.
Nope - North America.


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