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American Airlines drops two regional carriers

American Airlines is cutting ties with two regional affiliates as it seeks to simplify its short-distance operations. ( 기타...

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royr2 6
They NEED to drop Mesa. OMG
I doubt that. YV owns all their metal. It would be a huge expenditure to buy however many CR9s they operate. They are safe from the ax I’d say.
royr2 2
I know. I just had to say it though, LOL. I wish they could get more power under the Envoy brand to start phasing them out.
Even though Trans States is being dropped, I doubt it's going to hurt anyone's feelings there.
Republic is next
The contract with YX is through 2021. They got a longer contract in bankruptcy. They are also the top performer in terms of CF and Controlable D-0. But hey, DL kicked Comair to the curb so nothing is impossible.
Will this cause AA to double stack us passengers even more than they do now??


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