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An Asiana A330 hits the Turkish A321 on the apron (video)

Istanbul - On May 13, an Asiana A330-300 hit an A321 of Turkish Airlines while taxiing on the apron of Istanbul Ataturk Airport. According to the information obtained from local sources, an A330-300 from Asiana Airlines registered HL-7792 was preparing to leave Istanbul for Seul, South Korea with 236 passengers on board. ( 기타...

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That was expensive.
Just dial in a little right rudder trim, it'll be fine. That must have been quite a jolt inside the cabin.
It should buff right out!
yup....just use $100 bills for the compound...will take a wheel barrow load or 3....
Just Defer the Yaw Damper and defer the damage for 50 flight hours!
Might have been helpful if Turkinsh had let atc know that they were stopped short of the gate apron, but I did notice the absence of a lead in marshall.
sparkie624 -1
Towards the end of the video you can see him coming out... I guess that just shows you late is just as bad as never! :)
You mean, the guy who had been leaning on the conveyor belt? He also didn't seem to react much to the impact. (Guess they've seen it all...)
flight 208 now arriving in gate 8 ............ gate 9 .................... gate 10
I like the guy standing in front of his truck on the bottom-left of the video. He just watches the whole thing, with no reaction to the impact. Just another day at the office.
if you watch any of the car crash videos on youtube, the ones from eastern european, baltic areas are very interesting. car rolls over three times, guy gets out, walks over to pop machine to buy a soda.
That Asiana A330 seems to be moving a bit fast for such a congested area.
sparkie624 -1
I was noticing that as well... Asiana will pay dearly for this one and may end up buying the plane!
Not their fault Tukrish airliner was sticking his ass out. I think he will have to pay for sitting in "movement" area...
Can that be safely repaired.
I am personally thinking R&R... Remove and Replace... The entire vertical stab is bolted on.... I would venture to say that this is not on the top 10 parts ordered from "Airbus"!
Seemed to be an abundance of fluid escaping at the hit . Is the APU below the tail as it is on many jets?
What a wallop! The A321 is moved quite a big distance by the impact. The passengers must have wondered what on earth had happened. Many of them would no doubt have already unbuckled their seat belts and stood up to get luggage down, etc., and were probably thrown off balance. That should never have happened!!! Don't Asiana pilots know how wide their aircraft are?
That'll buff out
Yup: just use $100 bills for... wait a minute...
Someone is going to lose a job over this.
Why does the frame move in the very beginning, but motion of the Asiana and another object in the background does not commence until two seconds in? Did someone manufacture the impression of a cell phone video when it actually was not?
Nice job ATC...
srobak 3
that's ground control's responsibility, and the pilot of the Asiana. He should have realized he wasn't going to clear that.
sparkie624 -1
Ouch... I think someone misjudged their distance!
I do not know yet if Asiana is the culprit, the Airbus stopped too early and was partly on the rampway. The A330 has permission to leave.
The A330 pilot should not have assumed the A321 was going to continue to its dock. Safety first! Just because you are granted permission to leave means you can just start taxiing like it was a highway!
THAT was the guy who hit my van last year and drove off!
Didn't Asiana land a 777 short at SFO a year or so back (one of the very few 777 hull losses) leaving the rear row of passengers smeared on the runway? Inexperienced drivers seemed to be blamed (apart from the hilarious mis-reporting of the crew names by an American radio station).
The only on-site fatalities in that crash were two girls who were extremely unlucky in being covered by foam and then run over by a fire truck. There was also a heart attack victim who succumbed later at the hospital.


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