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Rolls-Royce Steps Up Efforts to Fix Troubled Trent 1000 Engines

Rolls-Royce has finally given more information on how it aims to solve the problems with the Trent 1000 Package C engines that power some 787s, while recognizing the “unacceptable levels of disruption” its customers continue to face. ( More...

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Billy Koskie 3
To some of the engineers out there, how difficult is it to change from Rolls Royce engines to GE engines on the 787? I'm guessing there must be significant differences on the engine pylon and the various controls and fuel connections, but I'm interested in knowing the difficulty.
Shenghao Han 1
I imagine that wouldn't be that hard from engineering stand of point.
Everything have a modular design these days, to keep the airplane flying as much as possible.
I would imagine the wings would be the same, and the pylons may have engine specific design features such as fuel-line and powerline interface positions.
That said I don't know if ECU (engine control unit) is significantly different between the two types of engines, if that is true, then the entire autopilot system may have to be swapped out.

That said, the two engines actually cost 1/3 of the airplane if not more. Buying brand new GEnx, swap the engine, then sell the affected Trent 1000 may not be economically viable. Plus the engines have different performances, which means all the charts needed to be replaced, and pilots needed to go through some additional training as well.

Thus it might be cheaper just ground or moth ball the airplanes.


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