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Check out the $62 million Bombardier private jet that's Canada's answer to Gulfstream

In May, Bombardier stunned the aviation community with the unexpected unveiling of the new Global 5500 and Global 6500 private jets at the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. The Canadian jet maker kept the existence of the two new model a secret until its world debut in Geneva, Switzerland. The 5500 and 65000 are expected to be ready for customers at the end of 2019, at which point Bombardier's new flagship Global 7500 and 8000 models will have also entered service. ( 기타...

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99.999% of Canadian over taxed taxpayers who fund this company will never fly on it. Also well more than half of Bombadier's production of aircraft is offshore. Their LRT product purchased by Toronto is over two years behind schedule and now they all have defects thus have to be returned for repairs. This company is a net loss to Canada.
I don't like the air conditioner hose access, looks like it will allow rain to get inside the comapartent.
Think I will just wait on the 8000 model to rollout before I place my order.
Great aircraft, up until you have to open her up just to do maintenance, then you wish you could strangle the engineers... WTF were they thinking.......
Geeze, if I was to spend $64M dollars, I would think they would have painted some cool graphics rather than plop a ‘Plain Jane’ aircraft in front of me! First impressions are always important. Just like a beautiful woman on a first date showing up wearing gum boots and a plastic rain coat. Probably wind up costing as much too! Lol!
Leon Kay 1
Wow, what a stunning aircraft. I think it is not unusual to be envious towards those that can fly around in such great aircraft!
I will take two thanks - but only if I can have decent leather upholstery
Hey, easy now, don’t you know Chrysler bought up all the fine Corinthian leather to use on the Córdobas back in the 70’s. You’ll just have to get by with what’s available. 😂


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