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California Pacific Airlines Starts Service on November 1st

Following a delay due to issues with lease and environmental review applications with San Diego County, California Pacific Airlines is officially scheduled to begin service out of Carlsbad on November 1, 2018. The airline appears to be putting priority emphasis on routes to Phoenix and San Jose first for business travelers while additional routes to Las Vegas, Oakland and Cabo San Lucas planned for roll-out in May 2019. San Diego County hopes to see success with both California Pacific as well… ( 기타...

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As first hand experience flying in/out of KCRQ part 91/135/121, this airport & terminal is an absolute dream. the potential for this commuter terminal is huge, it will be an asset to the exploding business parks surrounding north county and the ongoing influx of residents... but the politics in Carlsbad City counsel/San Diego will continue to pull economic development to a standstill to appease a small few. The way of Santa Monica airport is a constant reminder... Hope I'm wrong.
dee9bee 1
What's changed this time around, if anything? I'm asking a serious question, not making fun. I learned to fly in the general area so articles like this always pique my interest.
2013 sequester screwed them the first time, as well as their original plans. Since then, they bought the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) of another obscure regional airline called Aerodynamics, Inc., which has been operating as Great Lakes Jet Express out of Denver. California Pacific will continue to operate the Denver flights under their own branding while preparing to roll out their flights out of Carlsbad.
dee9bee 1
I appreciate the info. There's a market there, given the population increase north of KSAN.
California has many small start up airlines based at small local airfields. I wish them much success and safe full flights. They should fly to Concord bucannon
It's a miracle -
Good move especially now where their flights will be in high demand. Given the caution they exercise and the location/basing of this new carrier I can't help but wonder if this might be the rebirth of Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA?). Maybe even with some of the original PSA employees and management. Just a thought but would be cool after all these years.
Ooh. Nice looking plane.


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