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Air Force 1 refurbished

The big question since February has been, how is that $1.4 billion being calculated? Here, at last, is the Air Force’s answer. ( 기타...

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Maybe we should all refrain from name calling. It's not at all helpful to label those on the left, right or middle.
RECOR10 11
Agreed. The fact is that new 747-800's were in the works long before even Obama. Plus, I am certain we all know that a 747 is not "Air Force One" until such time that our President is on it...and, then it does not matter what plane he is on....

(I swear, Harrison Ford did not teach me that!!!)
I don't care who's the president, spend what we need to keep him safe while in the air. Even if I do not like a particular president, Air Force One is not the place to pinch pennies.
So true. As the leader of the free world, cost should not be a factor & should be a small price to pay. The Secret Service would not allow FDR to fly on the C-87 designated as the Presidential Aircraft.

From WikiPedia: “One C-87A in particular, serial 41-24159, was exclusively converted in 1943 to a presidential VIP transport, the ‘Guess Where II’, intended to carry President Franklin D. Roosevelt on international trips. Had it been accepted, it would have been the first aircraft to be used in presidential service, i.e. the first Air Force One. However, the Secret Service, after a review of the C-87's controversial safety record in service, flatly refused to approve the Guess Where II for presidential carriage. The Guess Where II was then used to transport senior members of the Roosevelt administration. In March 1944, the ‘Guess Where II’ transported Eleanor Roosevelt on a goodwill tour of several Latin American countries.”
AF1 is amazing to see land...and, as you know is never on Flight Aware. Some months ago I saw a 747 very low and fast north of Orlando...some time later I saw AF1 had Trump in Orlando...definitely not on a normal landing path to MCO.
Trump uses a USAF VIP 757 while visiting his NJ estate & Obama used the 757 to visit Tuscaloosa, AL after the April 27, 2011 EF-4 tornado that struck my hometown. LBJ used a JetStar (referred to as Air Force One Half) to visit his Texas Ranch (
Nothing is too good for our President.
And I mean waaaaaay too good.
chalet 1
Wrong headline, sorry. You refurbish aircraft that have been flying for years and need updates, new CCC equipment, maybe change seats, etc. whereas the article is referring to the two brand new 747-8s to serve as Air Force 1.
I merely copied the original title of the article, but you are quite correct - two for the price of one as it were. And as Record10 puts it. Air Force One is such when the president is onboard.

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Dear Faithful Russian Troll, Here are next orders - Отправляйся и умри товарищем
LOL Russian troll. Sure thing :)
N9ZN -5
!.4 billion you and buy a fleet of 747's for that price.
But by the same token, it certainly would not have the same Avionics/Defense Package!


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