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Qantas rules out A350-900ULR for non-stop London, New York flights

Qantas has decided against the Airbus A350-900ULR for non-stop flights from Australia to London and New York, and is instead eyeing the larger A350-1000ULR which could carry more passengers on those 18-20 hour treks. ( 기타...

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Agree with the previous post. Far too long to be inside an aircraft, no matter what "Creature Comforts" may be on offer!
If every seat was one of those cocoons that allow you to lie down flat and have enough leg room and shoulder room that would be fine with me. The standard skinny, short, hard seats I normally get stuck in between screaming kicking kids would be impossible to cope with.
Don’t do it Qantas. Yes this maybe the future of air travel but who really wants to be stuck in a metal tube for 18+ hours flying from New York to Sydney and back?? I mean I know I would like to get out and at least stretch my legs once in that long span.
Multi-segment flights aren't going away, so you will still be able to book a flight with a layover.

Market demand will determine whether these ultra-long range/ultra-long duration flights are here to stay. Qantas asked their customers and decided to launch these flights based on that. I personally don't mind such long flights as long as the creature comfort is up to par -- I'd rather be on a plane relaxing than get off a plane, find the next flight, possibly hustle just to make the connection and hope the luggage makes it, and go through boarding again. If you are going off-airport during the layover, you also have to deal with customs twice more -- no thank you.


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