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airport closed ,hunreds of people delayed , driver gets a $52 parking ticket

drive leaves rental car at curb to catch his plane he was late for and ends up causing a bomb scare that closed terminal 4 at PHX for more than 5 hrs . Hundreds of people inconvienced , flights cancelled and all drive gets is parking ticket ( 기타...

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Actually, the report was that he left the car with his girlfriend to help her check in but did not realize how much time had elapsed, stupid yes, go park it and pay a few bucks.
No one has commented on the fact that he smashed it into a pole. I was in Glendale. Saw the news report and the car was a rental that had been smashed up. The ticket is not appropriate. Should be held accountable for what he did. Unfortunately there isn’t a fine for stupidity.
I believe the bomb squad did all that front end damage!
Sandra, if you look close at the front end of the car, the bumper, license plate are not damaged. I must admit however, the bomb squad really did a number on the hood to get it open.
someone should find his name and post it online , bet there are a lot of people who would like a word with him


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