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15 Injured Due to 'Severe Intense Turbulence' on Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight From Miami to Buenos Aires

Shocking pictures show a plane cabin left in disarray with food and trays littering the floor after it was hit by severe turbulence leaving passengers bruised with nose bleeds. Fifteen passengers were injured when Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1303 from Miami to Buenos Aires, with 192 people on board, experienced the terrifying conditions as it flew over western Brazil. ( More...

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Cansojr 1
The worst possible scenario. The worst possible time to be jolted is when you are changing.The aircrew are prepared for such an event. Ride out of the storm at maneuvering speed until it is deemed to be safe. Oh yeah, stay off the ceiling!
Ken McIntyre 0
I'll take my dinner to go (off the ceiling).


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