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Dispute arises among U.S. pilots on Boeing 737 MAX system linked to Lion Air crash

The United Airlines pilot leadership, in a sharp break with peers at American Airlines and Southwest, pushed back against criticism of Boeing for not disclosing to airlines the existence of a new automatic flight control system on the MAX. ( 기타...

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ADXbear 1
"MCAS will kick in and swivel the horizontal tail"
Is this a new Axis.. Swivel... i get it, stall protection.. but the writer really needs to become aviation savvy..
So by and large, if the the Lion Air pilots had raised the nose attitude so far as to activate this system and kept aft column pressure the aircraft would fight them all the time to lower the nose! If the system activated by sensor failure the crew failed to deactivate it or apply QRH action remedies! Kind of reminds you of AF447? The more automated it becomes, the less actual pilot ability will be required. It has all come down to steer it to the runway and select takeoff thrust, pull back at Vr, raise the gear/flaps and autopillot landing airport, drop flaps and gear on speed and at 200’ with the aircraft auto trimmed and on final speed you turn off the autopilot, pull back and flare at 15’, hit the runway and autobrake to taxi speed, steer to gate. BTW don’t forget to stay on the taxi line or check the wing walkers or you you just might taxi into another aircraft? ...Too much.
Cansojr 1
You are correct,the first thing I thought of AF447 that went down near the mid-Atlantic. Pilots are being pushed around because automation is talking pilots out of emergency equasions. This could be related to deficiencies in pilot training. Pilots are being cranked out like sausages. No spices or flavor. They are putting kids in 767-300 freight haulers. That's a 400k aircraft not a Piper or Cessna. My
friend flys freight and has stated that these 500 hour wonders. Will they remember things like Lima, Peru is above 10,000'. Hightower are you in the 15k-20k group of pilots who will likely forget more than I will learn.
Cansojr 1
Mr. Highflyer1950, I sincerely apologize for getting our squawk ID wrong. Please accept my sincere apology.
No worries.

Hey,I don’t want to beat this one to death so to speak, but just exactly what is the Boeing procedure for escaping wind shear? Does the old Max thrust, and fly the aircraft in and out of the shaker to get max (no pun intended) lift over drag still apply to this new bird or will it fly you into the ground if you can’t get the PNF to grab the trim wheel to keep it from trimming downwards?
if the united airline pilots are content with being oblivious to all aircraft systems for the planes they sit in, fly and land, that is damming commentary: there can be a situation for which the automation wizards at boeing, and airbus too for that matter, have overlooked, under-engineered, orjust goofed on, that would work out just dandy if the pilots knew all about the systems. Passengers would not be required to die for the pilot's ignorance...


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