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Boeing launches business jet capable of world's longest flight

Boeing has unveiled its newest line of business jets, which the company says will allow VIP travelers to fly non-stop between "any two cities on earth." ( 기타...

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i wonder how many companies are in the market for this extreme performance, and what utilization said company would make of this large aircraft. Is this a real world capability, a real world need, or some fantasy game playing ...? very small market, if it exists at all....
OmniJL 13
Companies who own business aircraft do not typically choose BBJs (VVIP 737-787) because they are not cost effective to move assets/people. A 737 with 16 seats has a very high cost per seat mile as does a 777 with 57 seats.

Individuals who own BBJs do not buy them to fly 57 of their closest friends halfway around the world.
Billionaires of that caliber don't have 50 friends and the few friends they do have already own aircraft as big/fast/far as theirs.

BBJs of any size (737-787) are status symbols and are rarely operated with more than family (+ entourage) on board. The average flight is 5 hours and if they log 30 hours a month, it's considered a busy month.

Owning the "BBJ with the longest range" is simply the billionaire version of "mine is bigger than yours". They do it with yachts, airplanes, and homes.
There is a larger market than you think for these aircraft. I work in customer support for a major avionics manager. Believe me, there is no shortage of people, nations, and companies that have this type of money. We help service literally hundreds of BBJ 737,747,777,767 ACJ Airbus A320, A319 etc.
It is not a huge risk to build these as the development has already been done with 777x. The only thing left to make it a BBJ is to customize the interior. The rest of the aircraft is the same and comes off the same assembly line. Its no risk to Boeing as they take the order like any other. The interior is usually outfitted by a third party contractor which is no skin off Boeing's back.
"any two cities on earth"
of course, any two cities that have runways and ground facilities capable of receiving a 777x, which isn't nearly as many as you'd imagine.
Any two airports capable of supporting such a large aircraft, that is, which isn't as many as one would think.

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Cansojr 1
See if your Jep Charts have that information tucked away some place.
I’ve considered getting an airplane since there’s an airfield just down the road from my home - but it’s only big enough to accommodate a Piper Cub, which is fine since that’s all I could afford anyway. ;)

Being limited to the major commercial airports to me would limit the appeal of having a private jet, if I were in the market for one.

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I haven't - just picked that as an example since I always thought they were cheap. Surprised to hear that's not the case anymore...
Cansojr 2
Check around the local FBO's and local flight centers. You can still find those aircraft as a 3rd owner and still be in excellent condition and reasonably priced. Check the Canadian market, the exchange rate is favourable for Americans.
Good idea since I’m near the border anyway (metro Detroit), thanks!
Cansojr 2
There is a large Cessna dealership east of Toronto.
I can't give you their name but it is probably against Flight Awares rules. Its pobably the largest dealer in Canada. Or if you are looking for a turboprop the FBO's at YYZ will be able to help you find the right aircraft, GOOD LUCK!
Just by looking at the colors and patterns of that interior, I would feel safe in betting the farm that this is aimed at those in the Middle East. It looks similar to other A/C that I have seen belonging to people from there.
gulfstream has a few jets that will accomplish the task at hand without 300 empty seats.... this is a very, very small market population for what would be a costly aircraft development program....
who needs such long flights? 1% of businesmen
Wrong. Businessmen and businesswomen are a part of that market but so are famililies who have relatives who live in distant places. I fly the IAD NRT route fairly often on ANA (a 14.5 hour flight) and the coach section, which has the most seats, is usually full with a lot of families with children traveling between the US and Japan. Some going on to China, Vietnam, etc. You need to get out more.


Capt R Cremer
Airline Pilot (Ret.)
This article is about a business jet though; it will have no effect on the majority of business and leisure travelers that fly commercial.
Why did you need to add your last sentence in your comment??
btweston 3
Which article do you think you’re commenting on?
VIP pax don't usually pay per seat. Their companies do. That said, we converted several Bae146 to VIP service, by removing the center seats, adding mini fridges and increasing fuel capacity to allow the jets 3900km range.
Need edit key: Further removing every other row and adding 30 inch leather seats. What had been 100 seats, now was 28 luxury seating. No seats on exit rows.
i stand corrected- thank you jeremy.
The media should be careful about which airplane is being shown in pictures on this story. A B-737 won't do it, neither will the Gulfstream or the Global Express. The 777x most probably will and it won't be configured with 300 seats. This is for the few and wealthiest.
Is it only for VIP travelers?
And we of the banana class what?
btweston 5
You can’t afford it.
I am not sure if I could afford that quite yet.
Greg77FA 1
I'd rather see the R&D effort spent on faster travel, not longer travel.
I agree. Airplanes aren't going any fast than they did 60 yrs ago. It's miserable for the pilots sitting for so long.


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