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Nothing could stop this father from spending Christmas with his flight attendant daughter

Millions of people fly home to spend Christmas with their families — but one family celebrated the holiday on the flights themselves. Pierce Vaughan, a flight attendant for Delta, had to work over Christmas. Instead of spending the holiday apart, her father decided to join her in the sky. Vaughan’s father Hal boarded his daughter’s flights on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ( 기타...

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There's nothing like sharing the love of family, especially over Christmas.
That's a heck of a special Dad. Good on ya, Mr. Hal Vaughan!
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I once flew with my flight attendant daughter on PanAm to Zurich to surprise my parents who had spent the summer in Europe. They were booked on Suzanne's return trip to JFK. The purser told me to board last with my parents and he escorted us to three empty seats in first class. My mother stated "I feel like Alice in Wonderland!".
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dardav 8
I raised my daughter from age 12 - she is now 30, as a Dad this is what daddy daughter days mean. A wonderful story to end 2018.
BaronG58 7
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Nice story. No impending disasters, no drone bring downs of giant airliners, no Trump bashing. Just good ol' - fashioned father - daughter love. And he showed it in a uniquely remarkable way. Good on ya, Dad!
that is a wonderful Christmas that both of them will remember. Love it!
Bill Fox 6
a third Bill agrees
Muito bom..essa história ..e eu .não vejo a hora de poder visitar meu filho que estuda na Austrália ..e voar com vocês ..parabéns pelas viagens maravilhosas que proporcionam a todas as pessoas .👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍❤️😘
Refreshing to find a great Christmas story, with cells destroying tradition and families and practically the whole mantle of humanity....AI will destroy humanity as fast a click!
Another "Christmas Miracle" is that he was able to find space available on all 6 legs. Glad it worked.
Two Bills think alike....Great story
A good dad!
Did you ever think that his Mother-in-Law had just came to visit.
His Daughter flys for Delta so he flys Free, nice perk, glad he had somewhere to be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day..
It's not about the money at all, it's about the spirit of putting the time and effort in giving a gift only he could give, and, if he did fly non-revenue, with no assurance he could even get on the flights.
Betty O 3
Just anice feel-good story about the love of family!
It is a very nice news.
btweston -9
Kinda weird, to be honest. Is she 12?
AWAAlum 7
Hush up, Scrooge.
Doubt it, but sounds like you might be.
Yes! this note was international.
Younger adults just look that way once you reach a certain age.
AWAAlum 5
When my eldest son was in his mid to late teens, he'd often look at a young woman and ask me if I thought she was 12 or 21. And he was right. Add just a tad of make-up, and it's nearly impossible to target the age.
I had never noticed it before that.

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I read the article carefully and I didn't see anything about his flight being free. And cost or not, he spent Christmas on an airplane instead of being of home, just to be with a member of his family. I don't see why you're negative about this story. You must have had a bad Christmas or not like Christmas.

I've had to work most of this week so spent Christmas and Christmas Eve at work. I still have a good attitude though.
AWAAlum 0
Hi Jimmy...I believe what "Dick" meant was that family members of airline employees get to fly free.
I did think of that but I wasn't going to assume he flew that way. Could have happened that way though, it's possible.
But it did cost him some things-time, effort, all those things that money can't buy. Obviously you've never worked for an organization that has a 24/7/365 staffing requirement and the attendant people impact that implies. Perhaps human and familial interactions mean nothing to you, but to a lot of people they're pretty valuable.


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