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Bone found on Pacific island 'could belong to Amelia Earhart'

A tiny sliver of bone found on a remote Pacific atoll may finally solve the riddle of the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, the pioneering pilot who vanished 73 years ago while attempting to circumnavigate the world close to the equator. ( 기타...

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Its amazing how a small piece of bone, can tell a big story!
And it might not.
very interesting, one way or another.
Wheres CSI Miami when you need em
chalet 0
They should put in the funny farm to all those TIGHAR jerks. For over a quarter of a century they have claimed that they know where Amelian Earhardt's remains and have supported the claims with terribly stupid theories, but in the process have collected millions of dollars from unsuspecting donnors. Is this legal?.
People support organized religions based on theories and claims that are just as far-fetched as anything proposed by TIGHAR, and it's completely legal.
Bogush 0
I just saw Elvis - driving his pink Cadillac down Yonge Street in Toronto, Ddecember 20, 2010 at 08:00 hrs
chalet 0
Bogush, thank you for the tip, I just sent an E-mail to Tighar (;; about you incredible Elvis sighting.
Bogush 0
I really did, he was singing a hunk, a honk, a honk


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