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California Pacific Airlines shuts down after 2 months

California Pacific Airlines, after two months of operations has shut down with employees furloughed with no return-to-work date in place. The company informed the FAA on January 16 that it has ceased operations. Initially, the airline suspended it's Carlsbad route network until further notice, but has now ended the Essential Air Service routes out of Denver to Pierre and Watertown in South Dakota as well. Founder Ted Vallas insists that the airline will be back in operation some time before… ( 기타...

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rstotz 3
One more example of how to make a small fortune in the airline business......
TorstenHoff starting with a large fortune.
rstotz 1
Was hoping California Pacific would be successful. Doesn't look good for a re-start either. Could have been the new "Southwest"!

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It’s not the planes that people don’t like but the unreliable undependable service. They could have used a prop jet just be on time.
Excellent point Jamar! Customer Service is paramount, especially with a startup! Customer service has gotten so bad in general, they could have really stood out in this area! In aviation, there will always be delays/cancellations due to MX/WX, but there is a right way AND a wrong way to handle these!
Could be true! On the other hand, they are not old Bandeirante's either! JMHO.
chalet 1
Mr. Vallas: leave it to the pros, guys with 20-25 year experience in the aviation industry and yet some of them fail.


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