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Window in the bathroom and more bin space: Delta's brand-new A220 planes finally take off

Delta Air Lines' new Airbus A220 jets have finally taken off, the carrier's latest offensive in the battle for business travelers. Delta is the first U.S. operator to offer the roomier, fuel-efficient planes. The first flights of the single-aisle, twin-engine planes took off Tuesday morning from New York's LaGuardia Airport with one flight to Boston and another to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. ( 기타...

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nice.. sounds weird but a window in the bathroom is a big plus.. you fell claustrophobic in the usual ones... windows will hopefully somewhat make the bathroom feel bigger..
Cansojr 3
They do that exactly. Plus there are no worries for peeping Tom's. It is a nice and bright washroom. Book a flight with an airline flying them such as Air Baltic and SWISS. Delta is adding more 220's in the months ahead for a total order of 90 aircraft. Mr. Bastian at Delta was really impressed and bought more bringing their order to 90 Airbus 220's.


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