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Political changes in Orange County after 2018 elections bring up NAME CHANGE of SNA. ( 기타...

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linbb 2
If the left and libs had there way every thing in history would be re written and any trace such as statues would be demolished. They have gone after comic books due to the people in them and child actors. But they think any and every thing they think or do is right. Soon the country is going to change even more with the socialist movement gaining more control. I will be gone but those following are the ones going to pay the price.
Tom Pera 3
me, too.... happy I'm 72, won't see the ultimate destruction of this country...
linbb 2
An example is the black actor saying that he was attacked, some are standing behind him too. Another is the lady college professor who was held as so right by many only to have her proven wrong. But social media is driving things that are totally wrong by those which have no idea and those who are sheep following it.


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