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Inoculated Against Failure: Airbus A380 Goes Down in a Blaze of Dishonor

The other week Airbus SE announced the demise of its 380 aircraft, after 13 years in service. Launched with about $4 billion in government developmental aid in 2000, the program was from the start a vanity project, intended to show Americans that Europe could build a commercial aircraft that would be bigger, faster, and better than the Boeing 747, which has been in service for 50 years. ( 기타...

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wouldnt exactly call it "dishonor". I call it "too expensive".
linbb 0
We are going to show Boeing a thing or two, one we are going to have the government pay for part of it, two its going to be bigger and better than the 747. How did that turn out for you airbus? LOL


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