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NTSB has found both cockpit and flight data recorders of Atlas Air 3591

The National Transportation Safety Board recovered the flight data recorder Sunday from a Boeing 767 cargo plane that crashed into shallow water in Texas last week, leaving three people dead ( 기타...

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Sorry Atlas air flight 3591.
Given all of the sophisticated Data link services that enable navigation, maintenance reporting and other communications services during a flight, why are we not also uploading voice and data continually so we do not have wait until an onboard recorder is found to get the information. Surely if engines can upload their status and "ping" every so often, surely the technology exists to upload this data live time?
You're talking about A LOT more bandwidth. Current communications are short bursts of text. Constantly uploading sophisticated voice and instrument/sensor data for every flight of the thousands a day worldwide would be extremely expensive and honestly not needed. With how rare the data is needed or even reviewed is miniscule compared to the cost and complexity of live data links. Also in a lot of emergency situations the data link would likely be lost or broken leaving the more robust physical storage still necessary.
That makes sense. I would not get ride of the physical storage, I always believe we need a "manual back up", so to speak. Just wondering why the other data wasn't captured live time. Your reply makes sense.

wylann 3
This one really hits home for me. I've worked on many Atlas 767s over the years. I may have at one point worked on and been on this aircraft. :(
Link is broken
Wasn’t when it was posted.
Well, it is now, can the OP fix it with a current link maybe?
Did some research. It’s not the link. Give it some time and hopefully it comes back. Go to cnn and put in atlas air and scroll down and it shows the story just when you click on it opens the story but it’s a blank page.


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