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Boeing acquires ForeFlight

Boeing [NYSE: BA] completed the acquisition of ForeFlight, a leading provider of innovative mobile and web-based aviation applications. ForeFlight has partnered with Boeing for the past two years to bring aviators Jeppesen's aeronautical data and charts through ForeFlight's popular mobile platforms. Now, the teams will integrate talent and offerings to bring innovative, expanded digital solutions to all segments of the aviation industry. ( 기타...

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bashdan 20
Okay Boeing, please don't screw up this app! ...pretty please!
Yes! I love ForeFlight and would be soooo disappointed if they ruined
tuba 2
As with so many acquisitions in so many different industries: if you want to preserve the value of the acquisition, step back... keep your hands in your pockets... and let them do what they do best.
cmball 17
A note to Boeing leadership:
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Foreflight is a great company with an outstanding product. Congratulations on your union.
Please, please, please do not screw it up with "corporate strategic vision," quarterly profit objectives, digital realignment, synergistic leverage to meet our customer needs in real-time with maintainable, high-quality, future-proof, global, go-forward excellence in orthogonal, reliable, standards-compliant, process-centric, team-driven, functionalized multi-disciplinary, results-based, world-class, turn-key initiatives.
I agree and I think that you just won buzzword bingo.
Yeah!! What he said
thirsche 4
I really hope they don’t screw it up too. Having said that, can anyone think of any examples when an awesome, nimble, disruptive startup (or their customers) has benefited from such an arrangement? Reminds me of when the weather channel bought wunderground. Sigh. Time to disable my automatic app updates....
Am so glad I went with FlyQ.

Boeing charged me thousands of dollars for using Jeppesen updates on my G1000 platform whilst flying around the world.

Foreflight will price increases very soon in order to boost the million dollar bonuses for Boeing management, mark my word.
bbabis 3
I've used Foreflight since its inception. It just kept getting better. Boeing may have too many irons in the EFB market to keep up the improvements. Fingers crossed!
I love Foreflight. Boing will screw it up and raise prices. I recently trade my Stratus 2 to a Stratus so I would not be tied to foreflight for ADSB. I new this was coming
Go WingX, FlyQ,
Guess we can always go back to WingX if necessary
Well it sure was nice while it lasted. Given the big corporate mentality so eloquently parodied by cmball, it is a sure bet that prices will climb and service quality will descend. As a former employee of a corporate bohemouth myself, I know the unavoidable consequences of corporate quarterly myopia.
Well, I told ya so back when Jepp and Foreflight started looking at each others' products. Jepp was stagnant in its apps production and maturity. It had no choice but to go to Foreflight for help. And I correctly called it that Big Boeing was going to acquire them in due time. Expect your subscription(s) to become even more expensive very soon..
Boeing will not screw up the app, but they will price us light aircraft owners and pilots out of their market plans.
No they wouldn't screw it up, just raise the prices ...
Excellent time to switch over to ifly , you will not be disappointed. .


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