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B737 Max Grounded in USA

Going to be a fun time to be a SWA Airlines dispatcher/passenger! ( 기타...

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I think they will have to pull some 737 out of storage at Victorville CA.
Thank god I'm not working today.
bbogle 1
Just got this in my inbox...great note from SWA Leadership. Impressive that 95% of their fleet is not affected. That a large fleet!
Will US Congress try to overturn this emergency order too?
I doubt it, this time it's a real emergency
stop being a Republican for a moment and try being a human being
No, just a good kick in his fat presidential ass for hiding informations and trying to protect his friends at Boeing, instead of the security of his own citizens...
What a great irresponsible leader... in a great country..!
mbrews 0
On a different and more serious note, expect the House aviation committees to subpoena Transportation secretary Elaine Chao ( wife of Senate leader McConell ) and subpoena internal papers about FAA's initial certification actions, AND whether FAA did political foot dragging after Ethiopia event. just saying, thats what politicos do ....

Personally, would be good to carve out FAA safety office from the Big FAA umbrella,
which is mostly the costly ATC system. Spin out safety as was done for Nuclear NRC long ago
Personally, I wouldn’t have any qualms flying on a 737 Max if it were operated by an American or European airline (Russia excluded). I damn sure wouldn’t fly on one (or anti aircraft, really) operated by Asia/African airlines, especially budget airlines where maintenance & pilot training is merely an afterthought.
rob strong -7
So because Trump did it, I'm guessing the FAA will now sue.

[This poster has been suspended.]

What I didn't realize when I posted this, is that this wasn't an EO. The FAA had signed off and the Transportaion Secretary had signed off. Trump issued the statement and then talked to Boeing's CEO, who also signed on. (My bad)
Don't forget. He always takes credit for everything......unless it's something bad. He'll blame someone else.
Chris B -3
To Mr. Trump, if its bad news its fake news.
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US Ban of 737 MAX

President Trump issued an emergency order to ground all Boeing 737 Max aircraft on Wednesday, shortly after Canada’s transport minister said satellite-tracking data showed similarities between two recent crashes of the jet.
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Boeing 737 Max 8 planes belatedly grounded in US, after Ethiopian crash

President Trump overrides FAA officials, orders grounding of all Boeing 737 MAX


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